Super Bowl LII

Every year, the National Football League holds a championship game. This game is what the whole football season is about – seeing who gets to be number one. While many sporting events, like the Olympics, usually have a year attached to their name, the Super Bowl is slightly different – there are roman numerals, and we are going to discuss what happened during Super Bowl LII.


No, we don’t mean the plays. This year’s pre-game show featured Pink who sang The Star-Spangled Banner after spitting out a lozenge. Interestingly enough, in spite of all the controversy during the previous year, this year there was no one kneeling during the national anthem.

While the halftime show is a gem which is normally highly anticipated, Justin Timberlake was criticized for not making it amazing enough. Would the crowd have been pleased if there was another wardrobe malfunction? We say another, because Timberlake performed with Janet Jackson in 2004, during Super Bowl XXXVIII, which is a whole different story.

The Game

February 4, 2018, was a time when the Philadelphia Eagles took on New England Patriots in Minnesota. There were a few interesting things concerning this Big Game. The Eagles competed before and this was their fourth championship. However, this is also the first time they have won a title since the 60s. The win wasn’t an easy one, especially considering the score (41-33) and the fact that the Eagles and the Patriots played against each other during Super Bowl XXXIX and the Patriots were victorious.

While they were the underdogs who have been off the stage for more than 10 years, this was a fine season for the Eagles, as they got to pay back and get revenge on Super Bowl teams that defeated them in the past, including the Oakland Raiders.


There are also a few curious statistics related to Super Bowl LII. First of all, this game was one point away from breaking the record in the total number of points achieved during a game. Secondly, the Patriots broke the record for the most yards gained by one team. They were also praised for the number of points they scored. Another record was set in the form of the number of most yards gained by both teams combined.

The Super Bowl was amazing this year, and we can wait to see who gets the title for Super Bowl LIII. We’re also kind of curious about the performers.